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225 Saunders Road
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You’ve worked hard to buy the furniture, artwork and other collectibles making your household unique

When the time comes to move these valued possessions, you want them handled carefully by experienced furniture movers to reduce any risk of damage by selecting quality household movers & carrier. When pre-planning your move, you can help prevent claims and ensure a smooth relocation.

Prepare major appliances and electronic equipment; handle this yourself or ask your agent to arrange.

Determine if you want any packing services. If not, use appropriate materials and packing methods. Ask for Simcoe ’s doing your own packing brochure, which details proper packing techniques and lists flammable items that should never be part of a shipment.

Other precautions to decrease the risk of damage include selecting a carrier like Simcoe, which uses air-ride vans to absorb road shock and, if possible, avoiding the placement of your goods in storage to reduce handling.

Your may also select a valuation option from the carrier that provides protection from loss or damage to your property. Simcoe offers various valuation options for your belongings.

View our Packing videos to understand the care your goods will receive.

Packing Clothing

Packing Glasses

Packing Lampshades

Packing Pots & Pans

Complimentary on Moving Day • Shrink Wrap  • Wardrobe & Picture Boxes
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