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Move Planning Guide

To ensure a successful move, Simcoe Moving & Storage will assist you in planning every detail of your relocation

We understand that remembering and keeping track of what needs to be done throughout a move can be overwhelming. With this in mind, United has provided a six week countdown calendar to help organize your thoughts and more importantly, your valuable time.

  • Call Salvation Army for pick up of unwanted clothes.
  • Decide on your approximate move date.
  • Arrange to have a United Moving Consultant perform your estimate.
  • Be sure to give your Moving Consultant your AIR MILES® collector number.
  • Transfer or resign club memberships.
  • Ask your Moving Consultant for a NEW HORIZONS package of added value products/services. Also request a "Neighborhoods" kit to acquaint you with your new community. Both are free of charge.
  • Do not pack documents connected with your move.
  • Review with your doctor the names and dosages of any medications that are renewable.
  • Schedule farewell visits with family and friends.
  • Notify your post office. Find out your new postal code. Send change of address cards.
  • Arrange to have utilities disconnected. Arrange for temporary cellular service.
  • Write or phone the utility companies at destination to arrange services to be connected as soon as you
    move in.
  • Request the phone company at destination to connect service before you arrive.
  • Ask your bank to transfer your accounts to the branch nearest your new home.
  • If you are paying for your own move, you will need to pay by preauthorized payment via credit card or a
    certified cheque.
  • Arrange for a safety deposit box at the new location. You may want to leave the contents in your present box until one becomes available at destination. Never pack valuables. Keep money, jewelry and bonds with you or arrange for a courier service to transport them.
  • Transfer fire, theft and other insurance. Check your policy to see whether a long-distance move is covered.
  • Ask your United Moving Consultant for a Welcome Wagon card and mail it so that a hostess can welcome you in your new city.
  • Check your "to do" list. Call your Moving Consultant with any questions.
  • Ask your Moving Consultant for a "Destination Member Contact Card." This specifies the name and phone number of your Destination Member.
  • Prepare a floor plan of your new home and make extra copies. They will be very helpful for moving in.
  • Plan a going-away party for your children and their friends.
  • If you plan to do some of the packing, start now. Ask your Moving Consultant for a copy of our Do-It Yourself Packing Guide. Carefully read our booklet "Handling Dangerous Goods"; it explains which items cannot be included in your shipment. Ask your Public Works department about disposal of toxic chemicals.
    - Plan menus to use up stocks of canned and frozen foods.
  • Collect items being cleaned, repaired, stored and loaned to friends.
  • Return library books.
  • Arrange care for young children and pets during the busy days of packing, loading and moving in.
  • Keep separate any food, plates and utensils that you will need during the last days.
  • Pack them on moving day.
  • Prepare a list of items you'll need immediately at destination, such as a flashlight, light bulbs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, snacks and drinks. Pack these last and unload them first, along with necessities such as the crib or playpen.
  • Drain fuel from the lawnmower and other machinery. Safely dispose of all gasoline, matches, paints, aerosol cans listed in our booklet Handling Dangerous Goods.
  • Confirm hotel/ motel reservations for your trip.
  • Organize all of your moving and travel documents as well as the valuables you will be taking with you.
  • Set aside and label items such as luggage that you do not want packed or moved.
  • Pack the phone book, it will be very useful after your move.
  • Take down curtains, blinds, rods, shelves. Unfasten any fixed carpets that are to be moved. The mover does not perform these tasks.
Complimentary on Moving Day • Shrink Wrap  • Wardrobe & Picture Boxes
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