225 Saunders Road
Barrie, Ontario
Simcoe Moving & Storage Ltd.

225 Saunders Road
Barrie, Ontario

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Storage Services by Moving Company

Storage ServicesSimcoe Moving & Storage provides secure facilities to safely store your belongings for both short and long term durations

Simcoe has the facilities and experience to handle your belongings with care. You can take confidence knowing that our companies trained staff have over 100 years of combined experience in both moving and storage.

Moving and storage companies that provide work for military bases servicing Barrie, Ontario and across Canada have to have an annual warehouse inspection by the base and the local fire department. We take pride in the fact that Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics from CFB Borden use our facilities as an example of outstanding warehousing standards.

Simcoe Moving & Storage operates a 10,100 sq. ft. heated warehousing facility protected by fire sprinklers to ensure maximum safety of your belongings. Your personal goods are palletized for convenience and additional protection from damage. Due to the limited accessibility to your belongings and as a security precaution entry to your personalized pallet is permitted by appointment only. 

The cost of storage is as follows:

  • A monthly storage fee based on 20 cents per cubic foot
  • A one time warehouse handling fee based on 20 cents per cubic foot
  • An optional Full Replacement Valuation fee based on an assessed value of your personal goods
Complimentary on Moving Day • Shrink Wrap  • Wardrobe & Picture Boxes
30 Days Free
Container Service
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