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Moving Valuation

You’ve worked hard to buy the furniture, artwork and other collectibles that make your home unique


Tour your home prior to the move and calculate how much your household goods are worth. Then decide what coverage suits you best. You have two options. For your protection these options are part of the transportation contract.


At no extra charge, moving companies provide basic compensation for damage and/or loss, called released rate liability. With this option, the carrier's maximum liability is $0.60 per pound per article.

Example A:

If a chair with an actual present value of $250.00 and a weight of 20lbs is damaged or lost, the maximum settlement will be: 20lbs x $0.60 = $12.00

If you select this option:

On the day of loading, check the line marked "Declaration of Value" on your Bill of Lading and make sure the following is entered: "Released to $0.60 per lb per article". If nothing is entered here Option No. 2 will automatically apply and valuation charges will be added to your bill.


For an extra charge you can increase the coverage on your shipment and ensure protection to the replacement value of your possessions. This option is called replacement value protection. With this option, the carrier's maximum liability is the lump-sum value declared on your shipment.

Example B:

If a chair with an actual or present value is $250.00 and a replacement value of $350.00 is irreparably damaged or lost, you will be compensated at it's replacement value of $350.00. The same applies to any item of extraordinary value such as a fur coat, provided that each item and its replacement value (if it is in excess of $5, 000.00) are listed on the Bill of Lading or on an attachment.

If you select this option:

The value you must declare on your shipment is the greater of: the replacement cost of your shipment, or the minimum value of $5.00 per pound of the shipment. On the day of loading, enter the total declared value of your shipment on the line marked "Declaration of Value" on the Bill of Lading. The extra charge for replacement value protection can be provided to you by Simcoe Moving & Storage Ltd.

Items of extraordinary value

This category refers to individual items with an individual replacement value (and matched sets with a combined value) in excess of $5,000.00.  Additional valuation will have to be purchased beyond the minimum of $5.00 per pound. In addition, we recommend that you retain in your personal possession sufficient description and proof of value to substantiate a claim in the event of loss or damage ie; appraisal. Items such as documents, jewelry, and stamp collections are best taken with you or sent by a commercial courier to provide the security such items warrant, since the mover cannot assume liability for them.

Appliance and Electrical Service

Many machines and pieces of mechanical equipment in your home need to be prepared properly for the move in order to be protected from internal damage. Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stereos, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, satellite dishes and hot tubs are common examples. All servicing should be performed by licensed professionals. Arrangements for these additional services can be made by your mover for an additional charge. Always remember that, if these articles are not properly serviced before transportation, they will travel at your own risk for any internal damage that may occur. Items which were serviced prior to loading should also be serviced at destination prior to use. Where there is no visible exterior damage, the carrier cannot assume responsibility for malfunction, unless it is certified by a qualified technician or repair company approved by us that such damage resulted from abusive handling in transit.

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